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Strange Facts About Space

April 5th 2010 01:43
Space is an unusual place to us humans, there the laws of physics no longer seem to apply.
The universe is so huge that it's almost impossible for us to comprehend the sheer enormity of it all.
However, we now believe we have a decent grasp of what goes on in our own solar system. But even in the local neighbourhood things become very strange up there.

As reported on, below are some bizarre facts about outer space. Read the full article here.

facts about the moon
Tidal effects cause the moon to move about 3.8 cm away from Earth every year. Itís a process called tidal acceleration, the aggregate of competing gravitational forces between a planet and its satellite. As a result, the Earthís rotation slows down at about .002 seconds a century, and the moon casually inches toward our sister, Venus.

Venus rotation
Amazingly, a single day on Venus is longer than its entire year. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to completely rotate on its axis, but just 225 days to orbit the sun. Stranger still, Venus is one of two planets that rotates in reverse, a phenomenon called retrograde motion. Most theories attribute the reverse rotation to an ancient planetary collision. Thatís what happens when you make fun of Plutoís mom.

Liquids in Space
Here on Earth, liquids tend to flow downward. But in the zero-gravity vacuum of space, any liquid will shape itself into a sphere. It is surface tension, the same phenomenon that causes water to form as a horizontal surface on Earth, that causes liquids to form spheres in space.

taller in space
All human beings are about two inches taller in space. On Earth, gravity compresses the spine, but in the vacuum of space, the spring-like spine is free to elongate.

Footprints on the Moon
Due to the absence of air and wind on the moon, all astronaut footprints last for millions of years, longer than the most permanent structures on Earth. As long as a meteor or any other space particle does not hit the moon, any impressions made into its surface will virtually last forever

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