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Rare Species

January 31st 2011 01:11
As reported on the National Geographic, the Zoological Society of London produces each year an EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct, Globally Endangered) list. Below are some creatures from the list, read the full article here.

rare and endangered animal species
Long-Beaked Echidnas. New Guinea
The elusive egg-laying species is one of the rarest and most genetically unique mammals on the planet.

endangered species
Greater Short-Tailed Bat. New Zealand
The greater short-tailed bat is likely totally gone from its native islands off New Zealand. The ground-dwelling bat is defenceless against voracious, introduced rats and has not been seen since 1967.
Hopes were raised a few years ago when a scientist recorded a call that could belong to the greater short-tailed bat.

rare and unusual species
Baiji, China
China's baiji, or Yangtze River dolphin, may already be extinct—just 13 were found during a population survey between 1997 and 1999.

Baiji are often caught in nets, struck by boats, or killed by pollution in the industry-choked Yangtze.

rare and strange looking animals
Hispaniolan and Cuban Solenodons
related to shrews and moles, the solenodons are the only mammals that inject prey with venom, through special grooves in their teeth. There are only two species: the Hispaniolan solenodon—native to the island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic—and the Cuban solenodon.

Until the introduction of predators such as dogs, cats, and mongooses to their island habitats, the "slow and clumsy" solenodons had no natural enemies.

pygmy possum. Australian ski resorts
Mountain Pygmy Possum
Ski resorts in southeastern Australia have caused the decline of the mountain pygmy possum, according to EDGE experts.

That's because grooming snow on ski slopes can disturb the snow-hibernating creatures or destroy their habitat. Thought to be extinct until one was found inside a ski chalet in 1966, the possum's range is now confined to just a few square kilometres.


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