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Weird Animal Babies

June 22nd 2009 08:06
When they are born some baby animals look exactly like their adult counterparts, however others do not. Today we are looking at some animals which appear rather unique at birth. These pictures and information were taken from Environmental Graffiti. See more information here.

Baby animals - hedgehogs
Hedgehogs are born blind and without quills, which are just beneath the skin and easily visible just hours after birth. They can be found throughout Europe, Asia and Africa and have been introduced in Australia, New Zealand and North America. As one of the first mammals, hedgehogs have been around for 15 million years!

tiny pygmy marmoset babies
Pygmy Marmosets
Pygmy marmoset females have two litters each year and give birth to twins 70% of the time. For the first two weeks when the mortality rate is highest, pygmy marmoset babies will be constantly carried by the mother, but after that time, raising offspring is a communal affair. The pygmy marmoset is one of the world’s smallest monkeys – hence it is also called the dwarf monkey – and is a native of the South American rainforest.

tiny animals - bat
This baby bat will be with its mother for a long time as bats nurse their children – usually one per litter – until they have grown to almost adult size. Young bats cannot fend for themselves and find food on their own until their wings have reached adult proportions. For some bat species, that means a dependency of six to eight weeks; for larger ones, up to four months. Did you know that bats can live over 20 years?

young animals - aye-aye
Aye Aye
This newborn aye-aye not only has a funny name and a weird look; no, it also belongs to an animal category that is called the “wet nosers” Aye-ayes are natives of Madagascar and combine rodent-like teeth, a raccoon-like face and a body like a monkey to make one unusual little primate. Aye-aye babies are weaned only after seven months and stay with the mother for two years. Like bats, aye-ayes also live for more than 20 years.

Baby Mole
Newborn moles might look tiny and helpless when they are born – weighing only around 5 g – but they actually mature in one month. They live in their mother’s nest and tunnel system until they are weaned and old enough to dig their own tunnels.

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10 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Anonymous

December 17th 2009 16:45
they are so cute! ive never seen a baby hedgehog before. now i want one!! Adorable..

Comment by Anonymous

May 6th 2010 12:59
ahhhhhh they r so cuuuttteeee

Comment by PartyyPooper

May 24th 2010 16:01
shoo cutee imaa go buy a hedgehog now

Comment by Anonymous

June 28th 2010 19:54
I have a hedgehog,
can't wait till she has baby's.

Comment by Anonymous

October 21st 2010 00:53
this is very cute! i like the tiny monkey things. u should make more plz!!

Comment by Anonymous

November 9th 2010 15:50
Your text goes hereI want a baby hedghog now

Comment by Anonymous

November 9th 2010 15:52
COLOR=Lime]Need a pet hedgehog now[/COLOR]

Comment by Anonymous

January 30th 2011 23:06
cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen a pgmy marmoset, but now I want one!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

April 30th 2011 01:49
AWWWW i <3 the baby hedgehogs!!! they look so cute

Comment by Anonymous

August 26th 2012 22:17
how can i adopt a hedgehog

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