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In Loving Memory of Cocky

June 27th 2013 11:02


Wearing Bees

September 21st 2011 06:44
The Guinness Book of Records includes a category for "most pounds of bees worn on the body," which is currently held by American animal trainer Mark Biancaniello. Biancaniello successfully wore 350,000 bees, weighing just over 87 pounds, during a 1998 broadcast of the Guinness World Records: Primetime television show.
A 2005 attempt to break the record by Irish beekeeper Philip McCabe, who was to wear a full one hundred pounds of bees, failed when only 60 pounds of bees landed on his body.

Hive bees are attracted into position by a queen in a small cage worn under the chin or elsewhere on the body.

To give an idea of just how many bees make up 87 pounds, the man below managed to carry 26 pounds of bees on his body!

Bees on the body

wearing bees

record number of bees

human bee hive

human bee statue

Rescued Dogs

August 31st 2011 03:25
rescued dog in poor health

Every year many dogs are saved from an abusive or neglectful home by an animal rescue person or organisation.
abandoned dog recovery centre

Animals can be in a horrific state when rescued, however the recovery to a normal and healthy animal can be incredible and inspirational!

recovered healthy dog


Doctor Fish

August 29th 2011 03:14
Doctor Fish

Doctor fish is the name given to two species of fish: Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus. Other nicknames include nibble fish, kangal fish and physio fish; in non-medical contexts, Garra rufa is called the reddish log sucker. They live and breed in the outdoor pools of some Turkish spas, where they feed on the skin of patients with psoriasis.
Fish pedicure

The fish are like combfishes in that they only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow, with the outdoor location of the treatment bringing beneficial effects. The spas are not meant as a curative treatment option, only as a temporary alleviation of symptoms, and patients usually revisit the spas every few months.
toe fish

In 2008, the first widely known doctor fish pedicure service was opened in the United States. Other countries are following suit.

*This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article for Doctor Fish.


Camels Drinking At An Oasis

August 15th 2011 05:54
camels oasis drinking water

Penguins on an Iceberg

August 5th 2011 02:23
What a beautiful National Geographic photograph of a blue iceberg off the coast of Antarctica with a group of penguins onboard!

penguins iceberg antarctica

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Bears In The Wild

March 14th 2011 01:16
bears in the wild

As reported on the Daily Telegraph, Sergey Gorshkov photographed Bears in the wild at Kurile Lake in Kamchatka, Russia. Sergey spent six years following the bears as they hunted for salmon, paddled in a lake and walked for miles through forest.

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Upland Moa

March 9th 2011 03:23
upland moa bird of New Zealand

The moa were flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. The two largest species reached about 3.7 m (12 ft) in height with neck outstretched, and weighed about 230 kg (510 lb

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Rare Species

January 31st 2011 01:11
As reported on the National Geographic, the Zoological Society of London produces each year an EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct, Globally Endangered) list. Below are some creatures from the list, read the full article here.

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Guide Dogs For The Blind

January 26th 2011 01:45
As reported on Vivaboo, basic things most of us take for granted such as the ability to see or hear are not available to all.
For those who do not have the gift of eyesight, there are guide dogs which can give them many of the freedoms they may otherwise be without.
Below are some pictures and stories of guide dogs and the people they assist. Click the link above to view the full article

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Animals That Fly (Which Aren't Birds!)

December 13th 2010 01:27
As seen on the above article in the Mother Nature Network, nature is full of animals that have adapted ways of gliding, parachuting or ballooning through the air. Below are a few such creatures which defy the laws of gravity.

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Beautiful Baby Swans

November 19th 2010 02:53
Swans are amongst the most beautiful birds in the world.
And apart from what Hans Christian Andersen would have you believe in his fairytale "The Ugly Duckling", baby swans or cygnets are just as cute as their parents!

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Greatest Animal Migrations

November 10th 2010 02:22
Animal migration is the travelling of long distances in search of a new habitat. The trigger for the migration may be local climate, local availability of food, or the season of the year. To be counted as a true migration the movement of the animals should be an annual or seasonal occurrence.

The Mother Nature Network (link above) put together 14 of the greatest animal migrations. Below are a few of the biggest

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October 20th 2010 02:43
Largely eradicated as pests in the developed world (largely through the use of DDT) in the early 1940s, bedbugs have been resurgent since about 1995. The old rhyme "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite" has once again become a frightening reality.

As reported in the Women's Day, with the increase in awareness of Bedbugs has come many rumours, myths and flat-out fallacies

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