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Photos - October 2008

Huge Airplanes

October 31st 2008 10:53
Long before the Wright brothers made that first flight back in 1903, we have been imagining huge flying machines in the sky. Here are the biggest planes flying today, and the largest of all time.

Largest plane of all time - Spruce Goose
Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose. Largest Aircraft ever built. Made it's one and only flight on 1947.

Antonov An-225. Largest airplane flying today.
Russian Antonov An-225. Strategic airlift transport aircraft. Largest plane flying today.

Airbus A-380 compared to regular aircraft.
New Airbus A-380, largest passenger airliner ever built. See it compared to average sized passenger jets.

biggest aeroplanes size comparison. Boeing 747-400. Airbus A380-800. An-225 Mriya. Spruce Goose
Size comparison chart for the world's largest airplanes.

*Images sourced from Dark Roasted Blend.

Desert Oases

October 29th 2008 01:50
An oasis (plural oases) is a rare isolated area of vegetation and/ or water in the desert. They are formed by underground rivers or aquifers where water reaches through to the surface. This can happen naturally or with help from man via the use of wells.
Throughout history oases have been vitally important, especially for the development of trade routes. Oases vary greatly in size, the larger ones can be used for farming and some have even become tourist destinations.
Here are some picturesque oases from around the world, these images sourced from EnvironmentalGraffiti.

Desert oasis tourist resort
Huacachina Oasis Resort in Peru

oasis pictures - Libya
Ubari Lakes - Part of Erg Awbari Oasis in Libya

an oasis
Tunisian Desert Oasis

Oasis in the Gobi desert
Gobi Desert Oasis

Peru Icu Desert Oasis
Peru Icu Oasis


Mongolian Death Worm

October 27th 2008 02:03
Mongolian death worm painting

The Mongolian Death Worm is a creature which may or may not exist in the Gobi desert area of Mongolia.
There have been many sightings of the worm and Mongolian locals tell various stories involving the worm, however no hard evidence of its existence has been found.
Giant Creatures - Mongolian Death Worm picture

It is a bright red worm which is quite fat and up to 1.5m in length. Locals say it looks like the intestines of a cow.
The terrifying name stems from its ability to spew forth sulphuric acid on its prey, and attack at a distance via an electric shock.
In recent times many expeditions have gone in search of the worm, none of which have had any luck. Some experts conclude it doesn’t exist, while others concede it could live deep in the Gobi Desert, in the forbidden zone near the border with China.
Mongolian death worm. 3D image

Airbus A380 Cockpit

October 24th 2008 01:23
Known as the superjumbo and costing US$ 330 million each, the Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world seating up to 800 people.
For pilots the A380 has a similar cockpit to previous aircraft, with improvements such as eight 15-by-20 cm liquid crystal displays including QWERTY keyboards and trackballs.

Would you like a 360 degree panoramic view from inside the A380 cockpit? If so click here, and imagine what it would be like to fly one of these.

Airbus A380 Cockpit


Souvenir Perspective Photography

October 22nd 2008 10:01
As reported on the Daily Mail, for 10 years Michael Hughes has been taking his clever holiday snaps of the world's best known landmarks - perfectly blended with cheap souvenirs.
When Michael arrives at a new destination, the first thing he does is head to the nearest souvenir shop and buy the cheapest souvenir. He lines it up with the actual landmark using a technique he has perfected over the years, then snaps away with his digital camera.
Michael has published some of his photos online and since has earned an invitation to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. See more of Michael's famous snaps here.

Big Ben replaced by a souvenir
Big Ben

Perspective photography - Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

Beatles Abbey Road album. At abbey road
Abbey Road

Schoenbrunn, Vienna - postcard superimposed over the real thing
Schoenbrunn, Vienna

Great Pyramid of Giza. Next to a souvenir.
Pyramids of Giza

Souvenir coffee cup - Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Smoke Photography & Art

October 20th 2008 01:33
We often associate smoke with negative connotations such as tobacco related illnesses or house and forest fires.
However, smoke too can be beautiful with its translucent shading, whispy exterior and the way it moves through the air and around objects.
Thanks to Smashing Magazine today we celebrate the elegant art of smoke manipulation and photography. Many more examples can be viewed here
[ Click here to read more ]

What A Dismal World

October 17th 2008 02:48
This blog often contains pictures of a happy or amusing nature, many times the posts aim to amaze or inspire us with the skill of the photographer, or the beauty of the subject matter.
However, for many citizens of the planet the world is a depressing place, as the unforgettable images below suggest. These photos sourced from

[ Click here to read more ]

Scottish Highlands

October 15th 2008 08:34
Regarded as one of the most scenic areas of Europe, the Scottish Highlands are the rugged and mountainous areas in the north east of the country.
The area is sparsely populated, however culturally the highlands are quite different from the lowlands. The people have their own ways and language dialects.
The highlands area also includes some islands off the north and east coasts

[ Click here to read more ]


October 13th 2008 02:20
The season of Autumn or Fall takes place from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice.
The word Autumn comes from the Latin autumnus/auctumnus. The use of fall to mean autumn in North America comes from the phrase "fall of the leaf".
Deciduous trees loose their leaves before winter, the colour change which takes place in the leaves before they fall is what defines the look of autumn. Here are some beautiful autumn pictures, more can be found here at
[ Click here to read more ]

Marilyn Monroe Photographs

October 10th 2008 13:12
One of the greatest female stars of all time, Marilyn Monroe had it all - massive movie stardom, appearances in playboy, marriages/divorces to playwrights and baseball stars, rumoured affairs with the president and dying young in mysterious circumstances.
We will probably never see the likes of her again.
Thanks, here is a small gallery of Marilyn Monroe pics. You can view many more images here
[ Click here to read more ]

Possible Solutions to Global Warming

October 8th 2008 13:56
Global Warming - Cool our planet
How to counteract global warming. Click on the image to open a more readable version.

How to cool our planet.

[ Click here to read more ]

Close Up Of A Fly's Eye

October 6th 2008 03:03
These intensely magnified images of the eye of a fly were taken with a scanning electron microscope. They were then digitized and put together to give the amazing animation below.

Magnified Fly's Eye. Extreme close up.

[ Click here to read more ]

High Definition Photographs

October 3rd 2008 11:50
Known as High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) can blur our perceptions of illusion and reality. It allows a greater range of values between light and dark areas than normal imaging allows. When applied correctly, the results can be as you see below.
Thanks to for these. Image source.

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2008 Beijing Paralympic Games

October 1st 2008 11:06
Over 4,200 athletes from 148 countries are taking part in the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing from September 6th to 17th. There are 20 sports taking place, each sport is divided into events as in the regular Olympics, but in addition each event is divided into a number of disability categories to even out the playing field.
Thanks to, here are some amazing images from the games. Many more photos can be seen here.

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